History and Values

Our Values

Do the Right Thing because it’s the right thing to do.

Use our diversity to provide efficient, effective solutions.

Provide services that have a positive impact on clients.

“Close the loop” leaving clients with the knowledge and tools needed to be successful after our engagement.

“Talk it up, People!” because information goes both ways. Free flowing communications help us identify issues early and determine the best solutions. 

Business & Financial Management Solutions, LLC (BFS) is a management consulting firm headquartered in Austin, Texas. We have been in business since 2001 and incorporated in 2012. BFS provides business advisory, financial management and compliance services. BFS works with government entities – federal, state, and local as well as not-profit and for-profit organizations in highly regulated industries.

BFS services are designed to help organizations identify efficiencies by providing expert analysis, reviews and recommendations to improve processes, eliminate duplication of effort and reduce cost.  BFS works with governmental agencies to document and improve operational processes and implement internal controls to ensure accurate reporting. Our efforts include providing technical assistance, guidance on policies and procedures best practices, process re-engineering and solutions to internal control issues.

BFS is a compliance leader with expert knowledge of state and federal laws, legislatively mandated audits as well as business and financial operations.  BFS has experience supporting government agencies in their efforts to improve service delivery. Many of our staff has worked for federal, state, or local governments, so we understand the unique needs of multi-source funding and compliance. 

Our work has addressed accounting standards issues, state and federal program compliance issues, federal, state, and local funding compliance issues, internal controls, internal audits, audit recovery, program and financial audits, investigations, resolution of findings and technical assistance.

BFS brings substantial expertise, creativity, innovation, and proven approaches to improve compliance. We have over fifty (50) years of combined experience providing business, financial management, and audit services that drive compliance and performance for clients. BFS’ unique mix of federal, state and local government and for-profit work brings value and insight to our projects.

BFS has been recognized for our commitment to quality, excellence, and collaboration with clients.  From budgeting and reporting to analysis and audit, BFS helps organizations achieve strategic, performance and financial goals.  BFS provides customized solutions to meet clients’ needs and ensure success.   We promise to “close the loop”, leaving clients with the knowledge, tools, and skills to keep moving forward.



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