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System133 is an automated Management Decision Tool for PTEs. System133 is organized and simple to use. System133 takes the frustration out of dealing with FAC. System133 connects AFR documents, Findings, Management Decisions Letters and Corrective Action plans – all in one place. System133 provides a single location for multiple PTE’s to coordinate the resolution of corrective actions with customizable dashboards that allow users to see the information and hide what they don’t.  

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GRA205 is a next generation Risk Assessment Tool. GRA205 evaluates riskiness based on financial, performance and compliance activities of your grantees. We’ve gathered best practices from our clients across the nation and compiled them into standardized risk attributes. GRA205 Users can assign riskiness by attribute using a scoring range from 0 to 10. GRA205 also allows Users to create and score additional risk attributes unique to a User’s agency. Score!  For more information contact us at or visit

BFS is a licensed Gatekeeper Reseller

Gatekeeper is a cloud-based, intuitive, feature-rich contract and vendor management solution. Gatekeeper is formed from a feature set that is dependent on the core Enterprise Platform. In Addition, there are several Add-On modules that can be included to increase the feature set. Learn more…



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