BFS is proud to announce that our software solutions can be purchased through the Texas Department of Information Resources (DIR) Cooperative Contracts. DIR delivers vetted and approved products and services to governmental agencies in the State of Texas. Agencies  outside of Texas can purchase from DIR in accordance with an existing Interstate Cooperative Contract held between Texas and other states. Following the link will allow interested agencies to investigate ICC’s held with their home state and Texas. 

Contract And purchase information

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The ai driven, all in one contract management solution

Gatekeeper is a cloud-based, intuitive, feature-rich contract and vendor management solution. Gatekeeper is formed from a feature set that is dependent on the core Enterprise Platform. In addition, there are several Add-On modules that can be included to increase the feature set.

Contract and vendor repositories are dynamically filterable and searchable, bringing clarity and order to your data.

Visualize all your approvals and never miss a deadline again. Gatekeeper’s intuitive interface is designed to crush complexity and ensure teams are on top of all their reviews. 

Kanban workflow

Gatekeeper’s Industry Unique Kanban Workflow Engine transforms complex, fragmented processes into centralized, visual Kanban workflow ‘boards’ for your contract management approvals and vendor onboarding reviews.

Select from our Kanban Workflow Engine best practice template library to manage contract renewals, employee requests, supplier onboarding risk and compliance assessments, documentation updates and approvals. Trigger workflows and drive transitions using any data field or business rule while retaining a simplified single view.


In addition to all of the built in features in Gatekeeper, additional modules are available to greatly extend the power and flexibility Gatekeeper. From Salesforce and Netsuite integration to branded vendor login portals, Gatekeeper can be shaped to fit the needs of any organization. 

Powered by AI

Gatekeeper will extract key fields from your PDF/Scanned contracts using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) resulting in a full index of all contracts stored. This will be fully searchable, subject to user permissions. The extracted data will then be matched to our core contract fields automatically using our propriety Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the ability to train enhanced data matching over time using Machine Learning (ML).

bfs is a liscenced gatekeeper reseller.

automated management decision software for pte's

System 133 was built for one purpose: To significantly reduce the administrative burden placed on PTE’s when faced with managing a vast portfolio of Grantees who need Management Decision Letters issued in response to Findings on their grants. Designed around a wish list of features by veteran Grants Professionals, System133 is a singular, organized workspace designed to make life easier for PTE’s.


The workspace is a filterable, sortable, customizable workspace that gives instant access to all the critical data needed to manage this once time consuming process. Contact information, EIN’s, status, and even AFR documentation are available with a click or a filter. System133 maintain the needed information from last three fiscal years of FACs data on hand, all without ever having to search FACs.

Instant MDL

By leveraging the experience and expertise of Grants Management professionals, we created a standardized, logic enabled form for creating Management Decision letters. We also made it possible to use this standardized form to be issued not just one, but ALL of your Grantees who require an MDL. One at a time or all at once, your call. 

Per-Grantee Information

Each grantee is “rolodexed” for you, with all of their important information filed neatly away for you, with quick digital access to their AFR documentation, and your agencies notes about them on file, but without a filing cabinet.  

in app, two way communication

In addition to workspaces for agencies, each Grantee has access to System133 as well. Account creation is automated, and each grantee will be notified via email to log in. Not only can they perform tasks (like create or submit Corrective Action Plans), but they can receive direct messages from their PTE.

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