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BFS is a compliance leader with expert knowledge of audit practice, policy, and standards. We provide a variety of Grant Management Solutions, designed and implemented by highly experiences and qualified public sector professionals. BFS Develops best in class, end-to-end federal compliance programs and audits for Pass-Through Entities (PTE’s) of all sizes, and covers a broad range of services. From Subrecipient Monitoring to Technical assistance, we have you covered. 

GRA205 - Pre-Award Risk Assessment.

Grantors, whether the originator or a Prime (PTE) must conduct a risk assessment on each potential grantee's ability to deliver on their end of the grant prior to award. Evaluating financial stability, existing performance history, and several other criteria, GRA205 is BFS's proprietary Pre-Award Risk Assessment process. GRA205 is designed to pull data points together, and using standardized criteria derived from the rules outlined in 2 CFR 200.206 and decades of experience, generate a "Riskiness" score for a potential grantee.

This score can better inform your organization about the value of awarding grants, save time, effort, and reduce the likelihood of follow up that comes along with excessive findings, fraud, and sub-recipient monitoring.

Subrecipient Monitoring

Whether outsourcing or co-sourcing, BFS supports Subrecipient Monitoring efforts by creating (or fine-tuning) your work plan, automation testing, and so much more. BFS has performed end-to-end federal compliance audits, created statistical risk assessment processes, developed and implemented compliance reporting systems, and performed Subrecipient Monitoring for state and federal programs (up to $108 billion in funding oversight). We bring the same diligence, effort, and energy to each engagement, no matter the size. Need more control and organization in large scale Subrecipient Monitoring projects? System133 is our proprietary software solution for managing as many Subrecipients with (and without) findings that you can throw at it.


Annual audit Plan

BFS provides Annual Audit Planning services, catered to the needs of your organizations needs to meet 2 CFR 200.332 requirements. We work with your organization to implement the plan - and help when flexibility is needed due to the ever-changing requirements and demands placed on the process.

Technical Assistance

BFS provides top tier one-to-one technical assistance to turn around grantees having significant issues with financial and compliance issues. We help PTE's help their grantees get on solid ground to succeed in the good work they do. BFS helps agencies develop strategic plans, set goals, measure KPI's, and progress in their level of knowledge in order to help them succeed - and reduce the amount of effort needed to manage them through corrective actions in the future.



We serve the public sector in a myriad of ways. From Co-Sourced to Out-Sourced, Partnerships and Primes, BFS has done it all. To learn more about how we can help you, get in touch!

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