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BFS knows oversight and the rules and regulations that come with them. With decades of combined experience, a growing library of publications, and unique products designed to relieve administrative burdens, BFS has the knowledge, experience, and innovation needed to serve your organization’s needs. 

BFS has a strong history of working with agencies to provide regulatory and procedural compliance. Our compliance work spans financial, process and resource reviews in conformance with GAGAS, FFMIP, and GAAP to improve economy, effectiveness and efficiency of operations.

Internal Audit

BFS has experience in all aspects of leading and managing internal audit departments including risk assessments and internal audits and reviews of operational programs and processes. Our work has included contract-performance audits, process reviews, financial management system reviews, internal control reviews, funding capability audits program reviews, fraud reporting, and revenue capture systems. Dubbed one of the best small audit firms in the nation by our partners, we take great pride in our ability to get to the bottom of any situation.

Performance audit

All grants, programs, and processes boil down to one thing at their conclusion: How effective was it? By carefully measuring actions and outcomes, BFS creates honest, data-driven looks at KPI's and program goals to determine exactly what the happened as a result.

Grantee technical assistance

Due to the complex nature of grant funding, grantees do not always possess the knowledge needed to stay compliant. Regardless of grantee need, BFS offers services ranging from training to corrective action plans and beyond.

Pre-audit technical assistance

Utilizing expert levels of understanding, BFS examines the parameters of grants and performance related to it to prepare the auditee for whatever may come as a result of the impending audit.

subrecipient monitoring

BFS has performed grant and compliance audits (subrecipient monitoring) of federal and state grant programs for state agencies. BFS works with recipients and agencies to ensure grant funds were used in accordance with the terms and conditions of the grant. From one recipient to thousands of recipients, we employ expert methodology and decades of combined experience to ensure best-case outcomes.

WE are best in class.

We serve the public sector in a myriad of ways. From Co-Sourced to Out-Sourced, Partnerships and Primes, BFS has done it all. To learn more about how we can help you, get in touch!

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