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The landscape of the Public Sector is always shifting. A reality of public sector professionals is the need for maintenance of CPE, constant training sessions when rules and regulations are shifted, and making sure that your understanding of the basics are solid. At BFS, we are striving to make continuing education process  more community minded, affordable, and convenient for newcomers and established organizations alike. 

BFS Learning

BFS learning Community

BFS Learning is a user driven community dedicated to Public Sector Auditors, Accountants, and Grants professionals. Need help understanding a law, rule, or regulation? Got a work program that needs a fresh set of eyes? Need to vent about things only happen in the Public Sector? Come on in, it's free to join. .


The DECODED® brand is designed to bridge the gap between knowledge and application. The DECODED® series provides clear and concise information for people trying to understand complex legislation, theory, and regulatory requirements without having to spend an immense amount of time trying to deconstruct complicated information. DECODED® is both publications and training. When it comes to training and keeping your skills up to date, sometimes, a book just isn’t enough. BFS offers DECODED® workshops, webinars, and classes, designed and taught by experts in their field.

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Training and workshops

BFS has performed local, state, national, and international training across a range of topics to public sector professionals. IIA, NGMA, SAO, and many other Governmental agencies and professional organizations have benefited from from the easy to comprehend, relevant, and up to date training from BFS. From remote delivery to in person classes and refresher courses to in-depth sessions, BFS has options for your organization.

Current Curricula

If your organization is looking for cost effective ways to update the knowledge and skills of your employees, we can deliver!

Online or in person, BFS can deliver high quality, up to date information pertaining to topics that Public Sector professionals need to know.

More information is coming soon. For pricing and availability, contact us.

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In the meantime, visit Decoded.expert.

Never stop learning.

BFS are advocates for keeping knowledge and skills up to date in the ever changing world of the public sector. To find out more about how BFS can help keep organizations and individuals up to speed and in the know, contact us!

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