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Sometimes, a district needs support outside of the normal federal compliance requirements and address other needs such as training and/or coaching on the various requirements.  To assist districts, BFS offers the following annual subscription:

  • 10 hours of access to a Compliance Expert to answer your pressing questions.
  • Monthly newsletter with tips and tricks for mastering compliance and maximizing your funding!
  •  $750 off Comparability Service
  • Free access to BFS Learning for up to three staff. BFS Learning provide staff with a place for training, along with a community focused on compliance issues.

All this for $3500 Annually!

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BFS’s team of LEA federal fiscal grant compliance experts understand that being a LEA comes with a lot of responsibilities. While an LEA’s primary goal and responsibility is securing a quality education for its students, providing a quality education comes with a long list of fiscal grant compliance requirements. It’s hard, but BFS can help! Cost-effective solutions led by our team of experts help districts maximize federal funds and stay compliant.

Federal Compliance

BFS utilizes expert knowledge to assist district’s in preparing their annual ESSER, SPED, and Comparability compliance requirements. MOE? MOQ? We know the why and how to keep your districts standing in the green.

FInancial Management

Every insolvency situation is unique making the necessary expertise all the more important in tackling such crises. BFS experts have the knowledge and experience to restructure operations and cut costs to get you back on track. We support and advise you through every phase to make sure you have the tools you need to be successful.

Technical Assistance

Do you have audit findings? BFS can help you draft your management response or a corrective action plan. Resolving all findings are is a requirement, and any old plan will not just work. BFS works with each district to draft and implement the corrections and changes needed to get your district back into compliance.

We love lea's.

BFS has built a reputation for helping both Public and Charter schools in the state of Texas and beyond. To find out how we can bolster your districts fiscal and compliance efforts, get in touch !

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Email: info@bfs-sp.com

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