Local Maintenance of Equity (MOEquity)

MOQ made simple

BFS has built a reputation for helping LEAs in the state of Texas and beyond. ESSER funds can supplant, but that doesn’t mean you can spend it any way you like. Alone or along side your Comparability or IDEA-B MOE, we can help you document ESSER equity. Made Simple…

Save your district Time and money

Utilize our expert knowledge to complete your district’s LEA-level Maintenance of Equity (MOEquity) Compliance Requirement FY 2022-2023.   We want LEAs to benefit from our compliance knowledge and experience.  We know the “whys” and the “hows” of ESSER and make it a seamless process, especially if chosen for validation. 

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What you get:

  • Completed MOEquity Document Submission Plan
  • Completed MOEquity Tool
  • MOEquity Report:
    • Analyses of the LEA’s campus FTEs, state and local expenses, and enrollments to determine applicable testing data
    • Itemization of FTEs and state and local expenses basis for inclusion/exclusion of funds in the testing data
  • Although supplanting of funds is allowed with ESSER Funds, the IDEA-B LEA MOE, ESSA LEA MOE, Title I, Part A Comparability, and other grant related federal fiscal requirements still apply.
  • Because Federal funds are not considered in the federal fiscal compliance determinations for IDEA-B LEA MOE, ESSA LEA MOE, and Title I, Part A Comparability, the supplanting of state/local funds with ARP/ESSER funds has the potential to cause non-compliance findings other federal related fiscal grant requirements.

Pricing for an average sized school district starts at $4,500.00

We love lea's.

BFS has built a reputation for helping both Public and Charter schools in the state of Texas and beyond. To find out how we can bolster your districts fiscal and compliance efforts, get in touch !

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