BFS is a licensed Gatekeeper reseller.

Vendor and Contract Management System

BFS is a licensed Gatekeeper Reseller. Gatekeeper is a cloud-based, intuitive, feature-rich contract and vendor management solution. Gatekeeper is formed from a feature set that is dependent on the core Enterprise Platform. In addition, there are several Add-On modules that can be included to increase the feature set.

Contract and vendor repositories are dynamically filterable and searchable, bringing clarity and order to your data.

Visualize all your approvals and never miss a deadline again. Gatekeeper’s intuitive interface is designed to crush complexity and ensure teams are on top of all their reviews. 

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Powered by AI

AI Extract – Gatekeeper will extract key fields from your PDF/Scanned contracts using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) resulting in a full index of all contracts stored. This will be fully searchable, subject to user permissions. The extracted data will then be matched to our core contract fields automatically using our propriety Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the ability to train enhanced data matching over time using Machine Learning (ML). 

Additional Features

Gatekeeper’s Industry Unique Kanban Workflow Engine transforms complex, fragmented processes into centralized, visual Kanban workflow ‘boards’ for your contract management approvals and vendor onboarding reviews. Select from our Kanban Workflow Engine best practice template library to manage contract renewals, employee requests, supplier onboarding risk and compliance assessments, documentation updates and approvals. Trigger workflows and drive transitions using any data field or business rule whilst retaining a simplified single view.



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