Financial Support services

BFS is dedicated to providing solutions that truly meet customers’ needs and ensure success. Our size and structure allow us to be flexible and adapt to the changing needs of our clients. Our adherence to COSO and PMP quality standards provides assurance that service deliverables are a value-add to our client’s organization.

BFS’ unique mix of federal, state and local government and non-profit work brings value and insight to our projects.

BFS also works with clients to develop and communicate defensible, results-oriented, performance-based budgets.

Policy review, guidance, and documentation

Ensuring that fiscal policy is documented and compliant with current rules and regulation is of utmost importance within the sphere of the public sector. BFS works to ensure that your financial policies are sound in step with the law.

Operational Support

BFS works with governmental agencies and nonprofits to resolve complex accounting issues and implement internal controls to ensure accurate reporting. Our efforts include reviewing allowable costs, period of performance, resolution and/or recovery of questioned costs, providing technical assistance on account and bank reconciliations, guidance on policies and procedures best practices and solutions to internal control issues.

Staff Augmentation

BFS maintains a robust pool of employees which can be assigned to various projects when matched to knowledge, skills and abilities requirements. We also utilize recruitment efforts, staffing agencies, referrals and subcontractors to provide fulfillment and support of levels of effort by project.

END-OF-YEAR support

We provide best-in-class support for year end financial and accounting issues for our clients.

Program management

Regardless of whether your organization is in need of a neutral third party to run critical programs, or your program is in need of leadership of any kind, BFS has solutions to the issue of overseeing the running of programs of all sizes.

Cost allocation Planning

BFS provides cost allocation planning services to state and local governments using historical, budgeted, or bid data to create allocations using a fair and equitable distribution.

WE are best in class.

We serve the public sector in a myriad of ways. From Co-Sourced to Out-Sourced, Partnerships and Primes, BFS has done it all. To learn more about how we can help you, get in touch!

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