The Purple Book:

Knowledge is power, but being able to apply it is what makes it valuable. 

Decoded© bridges the knowledge gap between regulation and application.

Decoded© translates government regulations into understandable and digestible segments of usable information.

2 CFR 200.206 Review of Risk and 2 CFR 200.208 Specific Conditions.

Uniform Guidance is complicated. Implementation doesn’t have to be.That’s why we have decoded parts 2 CFR 200.206 Risk and2 CFR 200.208 Specific Conditions. Uniform Guidance: Risk and Specific Conditions makes Uniform Guidance easy to understand and implement. With recommendations for performing risk assessments and insights into applying Specific Conditions, implementing this portion of Uniform Guidance is a snap!

2 CFR 200.200 Procurement Standards

Uniform Guidance is complicated. Implementation doesn’t have to be .That’s why we have decoded Procurement according to the CFR. Uniform Guidance: 2 CFR 200 breaks down this complex topic into organized, bite sized, digestible chunks. Understanding Procurement is now easier than ever.

More than just a book.


Decoded© is a series of books and trainings that break down complicated issues within the Uniform Guidance into bite-sized chunks. Risk and Special Conditions is out now, with more to follow


Sometimes, a Book just isn’t enough. We offer Decoded© workshops, webinars, and classes, designed and taught by experts in their field. BFS has performed local, national and international training for public sector accountants and auditors. Want to know more?



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